sung folk tongs

some folk songs for a sung tongs birthday 💛


  1. Rejoicing In The Hands by Devendra Banhart on Rejoicing In The Hands (Young Gods)
  2. Sis Around The Sándmill by Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan on Pullhair Rubeye (Paw Tracks)
  3. Winter Of Frozen Mornings by Tower Recordings on Folkscene (Copyright control)
  4. Featured Winters Love by Animal Collective on Sung Tongs (Domino)
  5. Featured I Remember Learning How to Dive by Animal Collective on Prospect Hummer (Domino)
  6. Featured Doggy by Animal Collective on Campfire Songs (Domino)
  7. The Charade by J. Wiegold on At Breydon Water (self-released) New
  8. Cove by Bruiser and Bicycle on Woods Come Find Me (Five Kill)
  9. Stasis by Gerycz / Powers / Rolin on Activator (12XU) New
  10. Julius by Erica Pomerance on You Used To Think (ESP Disk)
  11. Shapeshifter by Richard Dawson on Peasant (Domino)
  12. Canto Dos Pescadores (feat. Devas) by Carioca & Devas on Mistérios da Amazônia (Altercat)
  13. Life of the Forbidden by Clarissa Connelly on World of Work (Warp) New
  14. Where There Are Trees by Josephine Foster on Hazel Eyes I Will Lead You (Fire)
  15. Beatless Wonder by Diane Cluck on Monarcana (Very Friendly)
  16. Untitled 3 by Panda Bear on Young Prayer (Domino)
  17. Very Fine Far Away by Third Ear Band on Elements 1970-71 (Esoteric)
  18. Featured Candleflame by Adrianne Lenker on Bright Future (4AD) New
  19. Viator by Jack Stauber on Viator (Plopscotch)