walk out music

Inspired by recent walk out music entrances at concerts by @alvvaysband (Is This Music? by Teenage Fanclub) and @hotlinetnt (Nintendo Wii startup theme)

What would be your walkout music for your band / performance / keynote life speech?


  1. Sirius by The Alan Parsons Project on Eye in the Sky (Arista)
  2. North by Phoenix on It's Never Been Like That (Parlophone)
  3. Prayer Remembered by Slowdive on Everything Is Alive (Dead Oceans)
  4. Featured Is This Music? by Teenage Fanclub on Bandwagonesque (DGC)
  5. Featured It's Personal by The Radio Dept. on Pet Grief (Labrador)
  6. The Sun Smells Too Loud by Mogwai on The Hawk Is Howling (Wall of Sound)
  7. Sky River by Nabihah Iqbal on DREAMER (Ninja Tune)
  8. Jon by A Beacon School on Jon (Grind Select)
  9. Distance by B Boys on Dada (Captured Tracks)
  10. Garage Intermission by Torrey on Torrey (Slumberland) New Local
  11. Outro (Shaved) by The Veldt on Afrodisiac (UMG)
  12. threes by They Are Gutting a Body of Water on s (They Are Gutting a Body of Water)
  13. (Druun) by DIIV on Oshin (Captured Tracks)
  14. Spec Bebop by Yo La Tengo on I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One (Matador)
  15. Big Sur by Outer Sunset on Big Sur (Ecstastatic Records) Local
  16. Clouds by Alex G on Trick (Lucky Number Music Limited)
  17. You Really Mean It? by Peel Dream Magazine on Magic Is Pocketed (Slumberland)