018 - How does it feel to know your final form

New releases from Chris Smither, Umbria Jazz Orchestra, Billie Eilish, Angel D'lite, Thom Yorke, Not Waving, Romance, Caroline Polachek, Guile, and more!


  1. 好吗 (Hao Ma) by Chinese American Bear on Chinese American Bear (Rain Hat)
  2. All About the Bones by Chris Smither on All About the Bones (Signature Sounds)
  3. Strange Meeting - Live/Umbria Jazz Orchestra by Bill Frisell, Manuele Morbidini, Rudy Royston, Thomas Morgan, Umbria Jazz Orchestra (Blue Note)
  4. LUNCH by Billie Eilish on HIT ME HARD AND SOFT (Darkroom/INterscope, Kobalt)
  5. Cloud 69 by Angel D'lite on Enchanted (Goddezz)
  6. For No One For Now (U.S. Girls Remix) by Lael Neale, U.S. Girls on For No One For Now (U.S. Girls Remix) (Sub Pop)
  7. My Baby's Got it Out For Me by a.s.o. on a.s.o. (Low Lying)
  8. Le Départ - Instrumental by Adi Oasis on Lotus Glow (Instrumental) (Adi Oasis)
  9. Low by Allegra Krieger on I Keep My Feet on the Fragile Plane (Double Double Whammy)
  10. Knife Edge by Thom Yorke on Knife Edge / Prize Giving (XL)
  11. Anima Mundana by Not Waving, Romance on Infinite Light (Ecstatic)
  12. Coma by Caroline Polachek on Desire, I Want To Turn Into You: Everasking Edition (Perpetual Novice)
  13. Vous êtes parfait.e.s by Lucie Antunes on Carnaval (CRTBABY / InFine)
  14. What We Got by Guile on Joe's Garage (Limousine Dream)
  15. Toro (I Hate Models Speed Up Revival Edit of Andre VII RMX) by El Columpio Asesino, I Hate Models, Andre VII on Toro (I Hate Models Speed Up Revival Edit of Andre VII RMX) (Mushroom Pillow)