Tuff Signals Episode 47


  1. Switchboard Scientist by POW! on Hi Tech Boom (Castle Face Records)
  2. Love Letters by Corners on Maxed Out On Distractions (Lolipop Records)
  3. OJ Krush by Thee Rain Cats on Thee Rain Cats (Self Produced)
  4. Moments by De Lux on Voyage (Innovative Liesure)
  5. Eggs at Night by Damaged Bug on Hubba Bubba (Castle Face Records)
  6. LeSabre Radar by The Hentchmen on Three Times Infinity (Norton)
  7. Brat Kings by Brat Kings (Yeah Right! Records)
  8. Nice Things by Flesh Panthers on Flesh Panthers (Tall Pat Records)
  9. Annexed by Daylight Robbery on Distant Shores EP (Dirt Cult Records)
  10. Midwest Basements by Tyvek on On Triple Beams (In The Red Records)
  11. Like A Year Ago by Dumpster Babies on Dumpster Babies (Tall Pat Records)
  12. Break
  13. Hey Mr. Beatmaker by The Bang Girl Group Revue (Self Produced)
  14. The Woodsman by Shannon and the Clams on Sleep Talk (1-2-3-4-GO!)
  15. If I Gave You My Love by Myron & E on Broadway (Stones Throw Records)
  16. Afraid of What It's Worth by White Fence on For The Recently Found Innocent (Drag City)
  17. And It Grows by Cool Ghouls on A Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye (Empty Cellar Records)
  18. Brothers and Sisters by Connections on Into Sixes (Anyway)
  19. It Takes Time by Frankie Teardrop on Raiders (No Problem Records)
  20. Loose Control by The Thons on DS016: The Thons (Public House Sound Recordings)
  21. Teeth by Swimsuit Addition on Wretched Pinups (Beserk Records)
  22. Ripoff by Fake Surfers on Fake Surfers (Fleshwave)
  23. A Friend is a Friend by Feelings on Ends Meat (Urinalcake Records)
  24. Secrets, Secrets by Melted on Demo (Self Produced)
  25. Spit U Out by Bonfire Beach on Bonfire Beach (Cleopatra Records)
  26. Positive Arguments by Dream Boys (Sarah Records)
  27. Doin' It, Right by Cheers Elephant on Like Wind Blows Fire (Self Produced)
  28. Hello by The Mantles on Long Enough to Leave (Slumberland Records)
  29. Complete Mess by Neighborhood Brats on Recovery (Deranged Records)
  30. Squeeze Me by The Lemons on Squeeze Me / Bad Seeds (Burger Records)
  31. Lowlife by Heaters on Brown Sugar (dizzybird records)
  32. One or Two by Radiant Marks on Radiant Marks (Partynogg)
  33. I Don't Want You Around by The Rubs on The Rubs (Why Pick on Me)
  34. Endless Column Summer by Endless Column on Demo (Taken by Surprise Records)