Radioculars 15//33


  1. To Know You by Wild Nothing on The Living Album Art of Life of Pause (Captured Tracks)
  2. Tea by Benny Boeldt (Carpark)
  3. Eating Makeup (feat. Kathleen Hanna) by Seth Bogart (Burger Records)
  4. Say U Won't by Brasstracks
  5. My Relationships by Rangers
  6. To Melt the Moon by Rangda on he Heretic's Bargain (Drag City)
  7. Kawasaki Dreamin' by Faux Ferocious on Blues Legends (Burger Records)
  8. I Don't Wanna Be Here by Gazebos (Hardly Art)
  9. Psychic Palms by Smokin' Ziggurats
  10. COME by She-Devils
  11. Headways by Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet (Trouble In Mind)
  12. I Will Kill You Tonight by JC Satan on JC Satan (Born Bad Records)
  13. Losing My Cool by M Caridi
  14. I Saw Your Face by strange faces on Stonerism (Autumn Tone)
  15. Clearly by Tonopah
  16. Gotta Get Fired by The Sloths on Back From the Grave (Burger Records)
  17. Great Company by Mystic Braves on Days of Yesteryear (Lollipop Records)
  18. Stay Up by Castle Beat
  19. I've Got Nothing to Say by BLUDD RELATIONS & Wolfman Morell (Deek)
  20. Raised the Bar by Chris Storrow
  21. Night Beats by Power Child on Who Sold My Generation (Heavenly)
  22. Brave And Olde by Odd Hope on Brave and Olde (Visit
  23. Heliotrope by The Dry Spells on split w/ The She's (Empty Cellar Records)
  24. Over It by Junior Boys (Domino)
  25. The Birds Outside Sang by Florist (Double Double Whammy)
  26. Nice Night by Mass Gothic (Sub Pop)
  27. Not Always Happy by Petit League on Slugger