Warm Focus: Slow Pour

Apologies for the technical glitches this week— my laptop was misbehaving quite a bit, so there is occasional static.

This week's set is slower and cooler than average.


  1. Avery Island / April 1st by Neutral Milk Hotel on On Avery Island
  2. Amateur Cartography by Obfusc on Cities of Cedar
  3. Clouds are Sleeping by The Abbasi Brothers on Something Like Nostalgia
  4. Light the Night by Tracey Chattaway on Nightsky
  5. Moi moi by Albin de la Simone, Emilíana Torrini on Un homme
  6. The Red Truth by Helios on Caesura
  7. Sleepless by Marconi Union on Distance
  8. High by Sun Glitters on High EP
  9. Lace by Random Rab on aRose
  10. August (Kyson Remix) by Kyson, Luke Howard on Night, Cloud
  11. 3sids by duo505 on Walzer oder Nicht
  12. Filmic by Above & Beyond on Group Therapy
  13. Mandus by Jessica Curry on A Machine for Pigs (OST)
  14. Night Over Manaus by Boozoo Bajou on Satta
  15. Paper Scissors Stone by Portico Quartet on Isla
  16. Don't Want by Synkro on Acceptance EP
  17. Slowly by Amon Tobin on Supermodified
  18. Answers by College on Northern Council
  19. Clarity by Midwest Product on Specifics
  20. Milan by Karsh Kale on Liberation
  21. Diamond in Disguise by Chance's End on The Outsider
  22. Purple & Orange by Welder on Vines & Stream
  23. Memory Gospel by Moby on Play: the B-Sides
  24. Just Like You (Instrumental) by Chromatics on Just Like You
  25. Lindsay and Her Duplicates by Matt Baldwin on Imaginary Psychology
  26. Kit & Pearle by Dosh on Wolves and Wishes