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About Warm Focus

Warm Focus is genre agnostic instrumental music, walking the line between mellow & energetic, digital & analog, high & low BPM. Each week we attempt to induce a two-hour state of Flow in the listener: the sense that your work is carrying you along effortlessly like a log in a stream.

Long, uninterrupted sets of instrumental music carefully selected as a background for doing creative work. I aim to energize and focus the mind without ever feeling distracting or alienating. Warm, human music weaving between between the background and the foreground.

In practice, music that fits this bill can come from a wide array of genres, but I work hard to make each song in the set feels "of a piece". Some broad-callouts of the kinds of things I would include: electronic (Plaid, Four Tet, Pantha du Prince, Kate Simko), instrumental Hip-Hop (J Dilla, MF Doom, Oddisee, Ta-Ku), modern composers (David Axelrod, Hauschka, Nicolas Jaar, Philip Glass, Jon Brion).

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