Warm Focus: Energy Bar Bender

It's so good to be back from Burning Man and XOXO! Full of energy and with the amazing Bex in the house. Strong showing today, despite some technical difficulties with my poor lil' Macbook.


  1. Desmond's Empire by O'Flynn
  2. Yay by Zammuto on Zammuto (Temporary Residence)
  3. Glass Tiger by Disparition on Neukrk
  4. I Can Almost See You by Hammock
  5. Deserted Skies by S U R V I V E
  6. Significant Landscapes by Carriages
  7. Every Second is a Second Chance by The Last Dinosaur
  8. Deep Blue Day by Brian Eno
  9. Sexfaldur by amiina
  10. Fujita Scale by Nxxxxxx
  11. Golden Hill by Tristeza on Spine And Sensory (Expanded And Remastered) (unk)
  12. In the Streets by Indian Wells
  13. Wurlitzer by The Lushlife Project
  14. Places by Shlohmo
  15. Tale of Two Cities (Instrumental) by 9th Wonder & Murs
  16. Dusk to Dawn (erothyne mix) by Emancipator
  17. Honeycombhouse by Lucky Dragons on Rara Speaks
  18. Wen Uuu by Shlohmo
  19. The Sea by Tomáš Dvořák on Machinarium OST
  20. Ghomrassen by Bonobo
  21. INITIATE by GoGo Penguin
  22. If It Wasn't For You by Moderator
  23. If It Wasn't For You by Moderator
  24. Unknown by Unknown