Kimberly Gomes Interview

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Kimberly Gomes is a local freelance writer who has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle and The Bold Italic. I came across one of her articles in The Bold Italic called “A Guide to SF’s Shittiest Streets”. Yep, it’s about poop. In fact, the article details which blocks in San Francisco have the most of it laying around. And you won’t believe the backlash this article generated in the comments section! This led me to read more of Kimberly’s articles and some of her creative writing. After that, I knew I had to get her on the show! Join me as Kimberly shares her path to getting published in some of SF’s most prestigious media outlets and the background on some of her best stories. She also provides a sneak peak at her first novel which is currently under development. Kimberly lives in San Bruno but spends most of her time in San Mateo and San Francisco. On the show, she shares her favorite spots in each area.