The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/guest co-host DJ Sage 12/10!


  1. Loving The Alien by Visage on Demons To Diamonds
  2. Grave by DRIFT. on Black Devotion
  3. Not Much of Anything (Alternate Mix) by Void Vision on Vice Device/Void Vision split
  4. Lies In Your Eyes by Animal Bodies on _ever Alive - A Tribute To Snowy Red
  5. Left Out (Feat. Psyche) by Luminance on Sans Visage
  6. Paper Dolls by Christ Vs. Warhol on Dissent
  7. And If You Forget by Christ Vs. Warhol on Dissent
  8. Fruit by The Ink Bats on Demo
  9. Crimson Sin by Altar De Fey on Original Sin: An Anthology of The Early Years
  10. Death To My Enemies by Altar De Fey on Echos In The Corridor
  11. Mer by Chelsea Wolfe on Apokalypsis
  12. Right Track by Nicole Sabourne on Miman
  13. Heroes Day/Rex Talionis by Sol Invictus on Lex Talionis
  14. As Time Joins In by Astaron on Astaron
  15. Assisting Suicides by The Vanishing on In The Bathaus
  16. Folded Unicorn by NMBRSTTN on Energy and Entropy
  17. Children Write On Missiles by Scarlet's Remains on Palest Grey
  18. Hard On For Love by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds on Your Funeral My Trial
  19. In God We Trust (In Cars We Rust?) by Alien Sex Fiend on Acid Bath
  20. Binary by The Tunnel on Apparition Overdrive
  21. Death In The Family by Soft Kill on An Open Door