The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/guest co-host DJ Zlaya 12/17!


  1. Poison by Pure Ground
  2. DCO by Benestrophe
  3. Sum It Up by Kitty Kosmonaut
  4. Visions by Jihad
  5. Heightened State by High Functioning Flesh
  6. Comatose by Zanna Nera on Primeval Memory
  7. Things I Was Due To Forget by Somnambulist on Withered Land
  8. Flicking Your Switch by Ladytron on Light & Magic
  9. Satisfy by Introflirt on Introflirt
  10. The Fashion Party by Neon Judgement
  11. Crna So by Alone
  12. Signals (From Afar) by The Short Wave Mystery
  13. The Devil's Dancers by Oppenheimer Analysis
  14. The Game by Linear Movement
  15. Je Suis Passee by Hard Corps
  16. I Am A Horse by Kabuki
  17. Walking On Both Sides by Pink Turns Blue on If Two Worlds Kiss
  18. Hanging Gardens by Legendary Pink Dots on Stone Circles
  19. Brazilia by In Trance 95
  20. Body Conscious by //Tense//