Sounds In The Dark - 12.15.15

Tonight's edition of 'Sounds features recents from Madeleine Cocolas, En, Bersarin Quartett, Aidan Baker, a preview of Glenn Jones' newest release on Thrill Jockey Records, plus much more!


  1. I Can See You Whisper by Madeleine Cocolas on Cascadia (Futuresequence)
  2. Heliosphere by Aidan Baker on Ecliptic Plane (Dronarivm)
  3. Together Alone by Hammock on Departure Songs (Hammock Music)
  4. Die Nachte sind erfullt von Maskenfesten by Bersarin Quartett on III (Denovali)
  5. Kid For Today by Boards of Canada on In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country (Warp)
  6. Lomo by Miktek on Quiet EP (33 Recordings)
  7. Morning Night by Sint on Zonmist (Recycled Plastics)
  8. In Peru by Driphouse on Root 91 (Root Strata)
  9. Little Desert Ambient by Martin Kennedy on Desert Tapes 1984-1994 (All India Radio)
  10. mussart by Olan Mill on Cavade Morlem (Dronarivm)
  11. The Quaker Astronomer by Berber Ox on Lye (Assembly Field)
  12. The Melatonin Chamber by Ken Camden on Dream Memory (Kranky)
  13. Mendocino Nature Rave by En on City of Brides (Students of Decay)
  14. Hong by Kiln on Sunbox (Ghostly International)
  15. Flower Turned Inside-Out by Glenn Jones on Fleeting (Thrill Jockey)
  16. Thinking Before Feeling by Autistici on Temporal Enhancement (Dronarivm)
  17. Coda, For The End Of Days by Oathless on Peripheral: Music For An Imaginary Film (hawkmoonrecords)
  18. Indie Woogie by Roedelius - Schnieider on Tiden (Bureau B)