Sounds In The Dark - 01.06.16

This edition features new releases from Cousin Silas, Douglas Dare, Spheruleus, PERILS and Gosta Berling, alongside older work from Arjen Schat, Orla Wren, Olan Mill and plenty more for your evening musical nightcap.


  1. Oregon by Tristan Eckerson on Oregon EP (
  2. The Edge by Douglas Dare on Erased Tapes Volume VII (Erased Tapes)
  3. Eunoia by Philippe Petit and Friends on Cordophony (Home Normal)
  4. Oskar by Gosta Berling on Winterland (
  5. The Sound Of Water Falling Over Rocks by Visionary Hours on Winter Kept Us Warm... (Preserved Sound)
  6. Penumbra by Made of Oak on Penumbra (Partisan)
  7. All That's Left by Perils on Perils (Desire Path)
  8. Nin-o-Van by Cedar AV on Nin-o-Van (Full Spectrum)
  9. Alone by Body Boys on No Face (Opal Tapes)
  10. Quiescent State (Aural Mutation Alter) by Arjen Schat on Triptych: Ohrwert Alterations (
  11. Sleep Distortion by Aurora Halal on Shapeshifter (Mutual Dreaming)
  12. Haze Layers (ambimix) by The Green Kingdom on Into The White (Dronarivm)
  13. Atlas Dreams by Spheruleus on Atlas Dreams (
  14. 14_49 by Masayoshi Fujita, Simon Harris, Derek Shirley, Jan Thoben, Kassian Troyer on Tesseract (Home Normal)
  15. Holocene (Live) by Olan Mill on Half Seas Over (Home Normal)
  16. (a Cadence) by more eaze on accidental prizes (
  17. Dronescape 028 (edit with guitar) by Cousin Silas on Looking Back Moving Forward (We Are All Ghosts)
  18. The Words Under The Wood by Orla Wren on Book of the Folded Forest (Home Normal)
  19. Bugs by Lambchop on Is A Woman (Merge)