The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/guest Aleph Kali! 1/21/2015


  1. Into The Abyss by Sex Gang Children on Song and Legend
  2. Dogs by Christian Death on Hell Comes To Your House (compilation)
  3. Poison Door by The Sisters Of Mercy
  4. The Faculties Of A Broken Heart by Virgin Prunes on Over The Rainbow (Compilation)
  5. Release The Bats by The Birthday Party
  6. Begin Again by Purity Ring on Another Eternity
  7. Lovesong (The Cure) by Snake River Conspiracy on Sonic Jihadi
  8. The Chain by //Tense//
  9. The Knife by Heartbeats on Deep Cuts
  10. Shriekback by Faded Flowers on Oil And Gold
  11. I Still Bear The Scars by No More on Laughter In The Wings
  12. Can't Go Back by Norma Loy on Attitudes
  13. The Grass Still Grows by Modern Eon on Fiction Tales
  14. It Takes A Lifetime by Minimal Compact on One By One
  15. Venus Transit by Animal Bodies on Kiss Of The Fang
  16. Back To Nature by Fad Gadget
  17. Yashar by Cabaret Voltaire
  18. Anorexic Sacrifice by Chrome on Raining Milk
  19. Love Like Blood (Fix Mix) by Killing Joke on Nighttime
  20. Helden by David Bowie on Christiane F. Soundtrack
  21. Sidelined by Children On Stun on Tourniquets of Love's Desire
  22. Ruh by She Past Away on Beliridi Gece
  23. You You by Malaria on Compiled ('81-'84)