The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/guest DJ Sage! 1/28/2015


  1. Wonderful Life by Black on Wonderful Life
  2. Normandy by Motorama on Horse
  3. This Time Last Night by Decades/Failures on This Time Last Night
  4. This Is The Rose by Nine Circles on Alice
  5. Heart (Part 1) by H o R D
  6. Xiola by Psi Com on Demos
  7. Dark Spirits by Red Temple Spirits on Dancing To Restore an Eclipsed Moon
  8. Lights Go Out by New Model Army on Ghost Of Cain
  9. Hippodrome by Savage Republic on Varvakios
  10. The Tenant by Play Dead on The First Flower
  11. My Destruction by Hante. on This Fog That Never Ends
  12. Drawn To The Water by Forever Grey on Drawn To The Water
  13. Fall Down (Like The Rain) by The Mighty Lemon Drops on World Without End
  14. Shine On by The House Of Love on The House Of Love
  15. Sentiment by Passions on Passions
  16. Schoolgirl Junkie by Screaming Dead on Bring Out Yer Dead
  17. You Came by Merry Thoughts on Millennium Done I: Empire Songs
  18. Over The Shoulder by Ministry on Twitch
  19. Watching The Worldz Kollide by Kommunity FK on La Santisima Muerte
  20. Night Boat To Cairo by Madness on One Step Beyond
  21. Goin' Downtown by Lords Of The New Church on Is Nothing Sacred?
  22. Heretic's Oblation by Zanna Nera on Primeval Memory
  23. Technomancer by Pictureplane on Technomancer