Jan 30


  1. Chess by Petite Noir on Life is Beautiful (Domino)
  2. Anna Jane by 10 String Symphony on Weight of the World (Poppychop Records)
  3. Heaven Help Me by Jessie Payo on Heaven Help Me (Payote)
  4. Cadillac Girl by Only Real on Jerk At The End Of The Line (Virgin)
  5. Grow Up by Keath Mead on Sunday Dinner (Company Records)
  6. No Sheer Force Of Will by Smokey Brights (Self Released)
  7. Keep Me Alive by All We Are on All We Are (Domino)
  8. Paradise by Wild Yaks on Rejoice! God Loves Wild Yaks (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)
  9. Nobody Knows by Misun on Feel Better (Aquawave Records)
  10. When Tomorrow Never Comes by Pony Boy on Blue Gold (Cosmic Thugs)
  11. Kisser by Step Rockets on Kisser (Self Released)
  12. My Girl by Mind Enterprises on My Girl (Because Music)
  13. Boys by My Body on Six Wives (Bug Hunt)
  14. Little Notes by Iles on Apartments (Forged Artifacts)
  15. So Happy by Four Eyes on Our Insides (Chamber of Commerce)