Melters 101014


  1. Drowning by The Pheromoans on S/T CS (Self-released)
  2. Looking From a Hilltop by Section 25 on From The Hip (Factory Records)
  3. Polaroid/Roman/Photo by Ruth on Bippp: French Synthwave 1979-85 (Born Bad)
  4. Warrior Night by Cortex on Spinal Injuries (Heartwork Records)
  5. Vincent by Plagal Grind on Plagal Grind EP (Xpressway)
  6. Sorry by Galaxie 500 on This is our Music (Rough Trade)
  7. Power Games by Frenzy on Noizey Trouble (Distort Reality)
  8. Job by The Nubs (Last Laugh)
  9. Out of Vogue by The Middle Class on Out of Vogue - The Early Material (Frontier)
  10. Trust by Replica on Beat EP (Prank)
  11. Ignore Me by Back to Back on Narcissist (540)
  12. Son Fantasmas by Orden Mundial on Obediencia Debida (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  13. Tortura by Muerte on Demo 2013 (Self-Released)
  14. Shine on Elizabeth by Cop Shoot Cop on Consumer Revolt (Big Cat)
  15. Tradition Fails by Weak Link on Demo 2013 (Self-Released)
  16. Figure it Out by Sluggo on Contradiction EP (Agitate 96)
  17. In The Distance by Citizens Arrest on Colossus - The Discography (Fortress)
  18. Systematic by Deformity on Third Demo (Self-released)
  19. Don't Say Slow by Skywave on Synthstatic (Blisscent Records)
  20. Tastes Like Honey by Swallow on Blow (4AD)
  21. Bewildered by Cranes on Loved (Arista)
  22. Sado-Masochism Is A Must by AR Kane (4AD)
  23. Feeling Real Black Today by Obnox on Louder Space (12XU)
  24. Can this Be by Wipers on Youth of America (Jackpot)
  25. Let's Make Love by Richard Papiercuts on A Sudden Shift (SS Records)
  26. Anthrax by Gang of Four on Entertainment (Warner Bros)
  27. Sufrir by Weird TV (Perennial Records)
  28. Break
  29. Cannabanoids by Young Governor (Punk Rock Dirtnap)
  30. Break
  31. I'm Smoking (Leave Me Alone) by Wild Thing on Age Difference (Daggerman Records)
  32. Break
  33. There's Nothing by Lost Sounds (Cochon Records)
  34. Break
  35. Panic Button by Johnny Moped on Cycledelic (Chiswick Records)
  36. Break
  37. Azarasi by The Stalin on Mushi (Climax Records)
  38. Break
  39. El Enemigo Soy Yo by Crimen on El Problema Es Tú (Discos MMM)
  40. Butcher by White Guilt on Demo (Self-Released)
  41. Break
  42. Rejection by S.H.I. on Struggling Harsh Immortals (Crust War)
  43. Break
  44. Panic Attack by h100s on Dismantle (Bloodclot Records)
  45. Silence by Shitlickers on Silence (Distortion Records)
  46. OD'd On Pop by Limp Wrist on Discography (Lengua Armada)
  47. Put the Music in its Coffin by The Shadow Ring on Put the Music in its Coffin (Siltbreeze)