Melters 101714


  1. Nothing to be Done by The Pastels on Sittin Pretty (Homestead)
  2. Bright Eyes by Allo' Darlin on We Come From the Same Place (Slumberland)
  3. Want You Dead by Yakks on Yakks (Comfort Cassettes)
  4. Mind Control by CCTV on Cool Bands 2 (NWI)
  5. Out of Conetrol by The Coneheads on "Total Conetrol" Demo 2014 (NWI)
  6. Cold by The Charlottes on Lovehappy (Subway)
  7. Tool by Heavenly on Le Jardin de Heavenly (K Records)
  8. Ballad of Bedford Town by James Dean Driving Experience on Clearlake Revisited (Plastic Head Records Limited)
  9. Paris 1919 by John Cale on Paris 1919 (Reprise)
  10. High Pressure Days by Units on Digital Stimulation (415 Records)
  11. The World of Pauline Lewis by Television Personalities on And Don't the Kids Just Love It (Rough Trade)
  12. Am I In Love by The UV Race on The UV Race (Aarght Records)
  13. Aloha Steve and Danno by Radio Birdman on Radios Appear (Trafalgar Records)
  14. Car Crash by The Avengers (Dangerhouse)
  15. Drowning Intentions by Fire Party on Fire Party (Dischord)
  16. Fly Low, Maria by Gun Outfit on Hard Coming Down (Post-Present Medium)
  17. Orbitron by Duster on Transmission, Flux (Up Records)
  18. Don't Come Down Here by Serena Maneesh on Serena Maneesh (Play Loud Recordings)
  19. Elephant Men by Pleasure Leftists (Katorga Works)
  20. Hunger Artist by Leather on Wretch (Fan Death)
  21. More Than A Fashion by DYS on Wolfpack (Reflex)
  22. Son of Sam by Chain Gang on Killed By Death (Red Rum Records)
  23. Daisy Chain by FUs on Kill For Christ/My America (Reflex)
  24. Karnvapen Attack by Mob 47 on Karnvapen attack (Havoc)
  25. Jodido Dinero by DHK (Hysteria)
  26. Cigarette Burns by White Wards on Cigarette Burns (Iron Lung)
  27. Crucified for Your Sins by Iron Cross on Skinhead Glory (TKO Records/Skin Flint)
  28. Vengeance by The Fix on At the Speed of Twisted Thought (Touch and Go)
  29. Kill The Hostages by Benedict Arnold and the Traitors on Kill The Hostages (Putrid Records)
  30. Night Time by Killing Joke on Night Time (EG)
  31. Sounds Like Hell on Earth by Dark Blue on Pure Reality (Jade Tree)
  32. Blood Guts and Beer by Tank on Filth Hounds of Hades (Kamaflage)
  33. Adictos a la Lujeria by Parálisis Permanente on El Acto (3 Cipreses)
  34. Bad Education by Blue Orchids on The Greatest Hit (LTM)
  35. 96 Tears by ? and the Mysterians on Best of (ABKCO Records)
  36. Sadist by Bloody Knives on Bloody Knives (Self-released)
  37. Chunks by Last Rights (Taang!)
  38. Society by The Sentenced on The Sentenced Demo (Self Released)