Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-02-08)

Some crazy shit in this episode including unearthed Gagarin Kombinaatti jams, two Robyn Nice pseudonyms, and some weird abrasive Current 93 skree.


  1. Sam 16 by Harry Cologne on Loose Hill (Wilson Spider)
  2. Escudo Negro by Yong Yong on Orson Welles' Parents (Akashic)
  3. Hmma by Some Day Soon on Some Day Soon (Hill Records)
  4. Power by Fatima Al Qadiri on Brute (Hyperdub)
  5. Gladstone Park Gang by Andrew Hung on Rave Cave 2 (self released)
  6. Bendigo To Kyoto by Mike Cooper on New Kiribati (Discrepant)
  7. There Is A Graveyard That Dwells In Man by Current 93 on The Moons at Your Door (The Spheres)
  8. Consciousness Bridge by Aidan Baker on Dualism (Midira)
  9. Osat by Gagarin Kombinaatti on 83-85 (Sahko)