1. Pure by Lick.xxx
  2. They Mermaid Trade by Croatian Amor on Genetailia Garden (Posh Isolation)
  3. Broken Flowers (Kane West Remix) by Danny L Harle (PC Music)
  4. Paradise by Inner City on Paradise (Virgin)
  5. Raga Bhairav by Charanjit Singh on Synthesizing-Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat (Saregama)
  6. Insult 2 Injury by Inga Copeland on Because I'm Worth It
  7. Nuage D'lvoire by Xeno & Oaklander on Par Avion (Ghostly International)
  8. Magnificent Stumble v2 by Venetian Snares on Traditional Synthesizer Music (Planet Mu)
  9. N0d by Liar on Genesis Dubs (Infinite Machine)
  10. Lariat by Kamixlo on Demonico (Codes)
  11. 遠くの愛好家 by 2814 on 新しい日の誕生 (Dream Catalogue)
  12. Violent Joke ft. Sentimental Girls by The Belinda Butchers (Zoom Lens)
  13. Twirl (Meishi Smile Remix) by Craft Spells on Midnight Render (Nausea Rebuild) (Captured Tracks)
  14. Destructive Cycle by Kedr Livanskiy on January Sun (2MR)
  15. Protection Now by Sandra Electronics on Want Need (Minimal Wave)
  16. Perfect Blue by Macross 82-99 on CHAM! (DaFuture)
  17. Beach by Qrion on Qrion
  18. Sunset BB ft. Meesh by Maxo on Chordslayer (NHX)
  19. Myriade by Tlaotlon on Split Series #23 (FatCat)
  20. Dance by Rome Fortune on Jerome Raheem Fortune (Fool's Gold)
  21. Iced Out Castles by Black Kray on Ice Cream & Mac 10s (Goth Money)
  22. Tortuga by Xavier Wulf on Tortuga (Hollow Squad)
  23. Look! by Topaz Gang on Cyprus Skate Plaza (Illuminated Paths)
  24. Morning Sun by Holly Herndon on Platform (4AD)
  25. You And Me Both by Arthur Russel on Calling Out Of Context (Audika)
  26. Bled For Pleasure by Xosar on Immured (Valcrond Video)
  27. Lightning Bolt by Plastician