Show 10-16-2014


  1. Dollar Underwater by Moonlit Sailor on We Come From Exploding Stars (unk)
  2. Drop The Anchors by Listing Ships on The Flat Holm Island Sessions (unk)
  3. Ethel by Russian Circles on Memorial (Sargent House)
  4. Reveal by Colaris on Renewal (Revolvermann Records)
  5. Unknown Orbit by Dialects on S/T (unk)
  6. Glosoli by Sigur Ros on Takk (unk)
  7. Jesus and Fans by Dating on Please Be Quiet, I'm Very Interesting (unk)
  8. Lazy Day by Glorie on Glorie (unk)
  9. The Moon Shifts the Sea the Sea Shapes the Shore the Shore Shakes the Sand the Sand Sinks the Ship by A. Armada on Anam Cara (unk)
  10. Nameless by Raisinhill on Raisinhill (unk)
  11. ohmygodiloveyoupleasedontleaveme by Clever Girl on Clever Girl (unk)