10/16/2014 with guest DJ Bildo and interview with Kay Dolores


  1. Show Intro by The Hanging Garden (na/)
  2. Break
  3. The Fan and The Bellows by The Chameleons
  4. Break
  5. Pushed Me by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
  6. Break
  7. Kill Your Children by Cassandra Complex
  8. Break
  9. Lady Shave by Fad Gadget
  10. Aegis by Mephisto Walz on Terra Regina
  11. Looking For A Life To Lose by The Bolshoi on Friends
  12. Protektion by Kommunity FK
  13. The New Stone Age by OMD on Architecture and Morality
  14. Komakino by Joy Division (Factory)
  15. Whorechestra by Suicide Queen
  16. Swan by Suicide Queen
  17. Sweat In Bullet by Simple Minds on Sons and Fascination
  18. Neon Judgment by Chinese Black on New Music
  19. Break
  20. Vagabonds by New Model Army on Thunder and Consolation
  21. Break
  22. Independence Day by The Comsat Angels
  23. Eternally Is Here by The Gun Club on Las Vegas Story
  24. Break
  25. Ahead by Wire on The Ideal Copy
  26. Break
  27. All Night Long by Peter Murphy on Love Hysteria
  28. Break
  29. Home by Lene Lovich on Stateless
  30. Break
  31. Don't Be Denied by Skeletal Family on Futile Combat
  32. Break
  33. Club Legend 34 by Eye De Line
  34. Break
  35. Figure Of Fun by Birthday Party on Prayers On Fire
  36. At A Later Date by Warsaw on Warsaw (Factory)
  37. Break
  38. Blind Youth by The Human League on Reproduction