03.26.2016 DREAMGAZE


  1. Repulsor by CRESCENDO on Unless (We Were Never Being Boring)
  2. In The Dark by Balms on Balms EP (Self-Released)
  3. Ghost by Jay Som on Turn Into (Top Shelf Records)
  4. Breathe by Night Shapes
  5. Eraser by No Age on Nouns (Sub Pop)
  6. Always Oneness by Bellavista on Always Oneness (Bellavista)
  7. Captured Heart by Be Forest on Earthbeat (WWNBB)
  8. Night Drive by Part Time on PDA (WWNB)
  9. Shadow (II) Leave Me by Brothers In Law on Brothers In Law (WWNB)
  10. Cynthia by Million Young
  11. Gatsby by Crescendo on Lost Thoughts (WWNB)
  12. Omnia by Young Lovers (Self-Released)
  13. After Hours by Ablebody (Self-Released)
  14. Waiting for the Sunn by Night Shapes (Self-Released)
  15. Control by Vision on Inertia (Burger Records)
  16. Fate by Foliage on Truths (Self-Released)
  17. forget about it kid by Melina Duterte (Self-released)
  18. Laura by Thick Business (Self-Released)
  19. AJS by Meishi Smile on Lust (Self-Released)
  20. Tell by Crescendo on Unless (We Were Never Being Boring)
  21. Come Back by Burnt Palms on Back On My Wall (We Were Never Being Boring)
  22. Chlorine by Birthh on Born In The Woods (WWNBB)
  23. Haunted by Crescendo on Unless (WWNBB)
  24. Teen Creeps by No Age on Nouns (Sub Pop)