July 5: DFA Records Show on 'Mai + Charlie'

An all DFA Show. Featuring LCD Soundsystem, Yacht, Holy Ghost, The Juan Maclean, Shit Robot, Dan Bodan and many more exciting bands from the DFA Catalog!


  1. Hold Tight by Sinkane on Mean Love (DFA Records)
  2. Dance Yourself Clean by LCD Soundsystem on This is Happening (DFA Records)
  3. Dystopia by YACHT on Shangri-La (DFA Records)
  4. Down South by Museum of Love (DFA Records)
  5. Watching the World by Surahn (DFA Records)
  6. Someone Great by LCD Sound System on Sound of Silver (DFA Records)
  7. I Want You by Prinzhorn Dance School on Clay Class (DFA Records)
  8. Blind by Hercules and Love Affair ft. Antony (DFA Records)
  9. The Night Patrols (A Man Asleep) by Larry Gus on Years Not Living (DFA Records)
  10. Better At Making Time (YACHT Remix) by De Lux (DFA Records)
  11. Taking Over by Joe Goddard on Taking Over EP (DFA Records)
  12. She Burns by Joe Goddard ft. Mara Carlyle on Taking Over EP (DFA Records)
  13. Living it Out by Planningtorock on W (DFA Records)
  14. Talking To You (Ft. Andrew Butler) by Wolfram (DFA Records)
  15. Aura Go by Jee Day (DFA Records)
  16. Do That Dance by Shit Robot on Do That Dance (Remixes) - EP (DFA Records)
  17. Turn It Up by Factory Floor on Factory Floor (DFA)
  18. Theme by Still Going (DFA Records)
  19. We Got A Love, ft. Reggie Watts by Shit Robot on We Got A Love (DFA Records)
  20. Get Down With My Love by The Juan Maclean (DFA Records)
  21. I Ain't Gonna Tell You by Dedication (DFA Records)
  22. Boy Trouble by Benoit & Sergio (DFA Records)
  23. Asleep With the Lights On by Rewards (DFA Records)
  24. House of Jealous Lovers by The Rapture (DFA Records)
  25. Changing of the Guard by Holy Ghost on Dynamics (DFA Records)
  26. This Aching Deal by Shocking Pinks on Shocking Pinks (DFA Records)
  27. Anonymous by Dan Bodan (DFA Records)
  28. Colours by Hot Chip on The Warning (DFA Records)