Notes From The Underground 3


  1. Fog Cutter by Cold Pumas on Persistent Malaise (Faux Discx)
  2. Pitiless by Witching Waves on Crystal Cafe (Happy Happy Birthday To Me)
  3. Wasting Time by Reading Rainbow on Prism Eyes (Kanine)
  4. Met Before by Chairlift on Something (Columbia)
  5. Fineshrine by Purity Ring on Shrine (4AD)
  6. Catacombs by Cold Cave on Cherish The Light Years (Matador)
  7. Teardrops by Womack & Womack on Conscience (SAR)
  8. Mama Said by Shirelles on Tonight's The Night (Scepter)
  9. Just You Girl by Jimmy Castro on Just You Girl (Atlantic)
  10. Wrekcless Epic by Thee Makeout Party! on Play Pretend (Burger)
  11. Faster by Violent Change on A Celebration of Taster (Melters)
  12. Real FX by Woolen Men on Real FX (Loglady)
  13. Things Haven't Been the Same (Since You Got Back From Italy) by Landlines on Log Out, Tune Up, Drop Dead (S/R)
  14. Cut Me Out by Trust Fund on No One's Coming For You (S/R)
  15. Mindblower by Dirty Marquee on Demo (S/R)
  16. Deflated by Sopors on Demo (S/R)
  17. This Is The Intro by Copy Scams on Demo (S/R)
  18. Les abords du lycée by Taulard on Les abords du lycée (S/R)
  19. High Walls by Smear on II (S/R)
  20. Cold Beat by Sound on Cold Beat (Korova)
  21. The Mess by Newtown Neurotics on Beggars Can Be Choosers (Jungle)
  22. Wait A Minute by Wipers on Is This Real? (Restless)
  23. Tied Down by Primetime on Tied Down (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  24. Future Mantra by Shitty Limits on Speculate / Accumulate (Sorry State)
  25. III by Lysol on Demo (S/R)
  26. The Collector by Uranium Club on Human Exploration (25 Diamonds)
  27. Alien & Warm by Coneheads on Demo (S/R)
  28. Ectasy by Soviet Soviet on Fate (Felte)
  29. Far by Soft Moon on Deeper (Captured Tracks)
  30. Cartoonist by Wax Idols on Discipline & Desire (HoZac)
  31. Empty Hearts by Nervosas on Ardentes (Dirtnap)
  32. FOSSOR HOUSE by Performing Borders on Demo (S/R)
  33. Ya no me puedes dañar by Trance on Maldición (Metadona)
  34. Splendid Living by Love Triangle on Splendid Living (Sorry State)
  35. Waiting For A Change by Sonic Avenues on Mistakes (Dirtnap)
  36. Men's Feelings by Poisonous Relationship on Garden of Problems (Ectasy)