1. VV Violence by Jessy Lanza on VV Violence (Hyperdub)
  2. Shepherd by Tommy Genesis on World Vision (Awful Records)
  3. Ostende by Paradise 100 on Northern Seoul (100% Silk)
  4. Iron Cages ft. Odile Myrtil by Rizzla on Iron Cages (Fade to Mind)
  5. CCP2 ft. DJ Spinn by DJ Rashad on 6613 (Hyperdub)
  6. Banquet by Napolian on Rejoice (Software)
  7. Retox by Essaie Pas on Demain Est Une Autre Nuit (DFA)
  8. Blasphemous Rumours by Depeche Mode on Some Great Reward (Demilune)
  9. Adore by Dreamcrusher on Hackers All of Them Hackers (Fire Talk)
  10. After the Gold Rvsh by Strange Powers on Genetisis (Tundra Dubs)
  11. Extended Mix by Doss on Doss EP (Acephale)
  12. Out by 16 by Machine Girl on Gemini
  13. Ache by Pharmakon on Abandon (Sacred Bones)
  14. Future by Model 500 (Metroplex)
  15. Stockholm Syndrome ft. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal by Horsehead on Romantic (Thraxxhouse)
  16. slow2014.wav by ESPRIT 空想 on Virtua.zip
  17. Velour Assassin by Magic Fades & Soul Ipsum on Zirconia Reign (1080p)
  18. Plaza by Girl Unit on Club Rez EP (Night Slugs)
  19. Real Virtual Unison by Negative Gemini on Real Virtual Unison (Plastic Response & Human Records)
  20. Esoterrorist by Pictureplane on Technomancer (Anticon)
  21. Every Relationship Earthrise by Prurient on Frozen Niagara Falls (Profound Lore)
  22. Pacific 202 by 808 State on 90 (ZZT Records)
  23. Forever by Danny L Harle on Broken Flowers EP (PC Music)
  24. I Bite Through It by Oneohtrix Point Never on Garden of Delete (Warp)
  25. How to Win Your Love by Spencer Jones (Profile Records)
  26. Dont Wanna/Lets Do It by GFOTY on PC Music Vol. 1 (PC Music)
  27. Parkway by Luxury Elite on World Class (Crash Symbols)
  28. Holograms by Butterclock on First Prom (F A N T A S Y Music)