1. Oh God ft. DJ Spinn by DJ Rashad on Afterlife (Teklife)
  2. The Eighth Wave by Suzanne Ciani on The Velocity of Love (Seventh Wave)
  3. Stabbed in the Face by Wolf Eyes on Burned Mind (Sub Pop)
  4. Keith Richards by Gaika on Security (Mixpak)
  5. Mondai Girl by kyary pamyu pamyu on Mondai Girl EP (Warner Japan)
  6. Ridin With Dat Screw by DJ Smokey on Evil Wayz Vol. 2
  7. Bad Ethos by Water Borders on Harbored Mantras (Tri Angle)
  8. Get It Right by Junglepussy on Pregnant With Success
  9. Curfew by Fatima Al Qadiri on Brute (Hyperdub)
  10. Chimera 6 Merger by 회사AUTO on 仙Android (Dream Cataogue)
  11. Reputation by Bobby O. (BMC Records)
  12. Tarzan and the Dizzy Devils by Eric Copeland on Limbo (Underwater Peoples)
  13. On It by Slava on Raw Solutions (Software)
  14. Black Truth by Mr. Kitty on Time
  15. Yamaha by The-Dream on Love King (Def Jam)
  16. Confuse the Call by High Functioning Flesh on Definite Structures (Dais Records)
  17. Castles Eternal ft. JPDREAMTHUG by Wicca Phase Springs Eternal on Abercrombie & Me (Thraxxhouse)
  18. Heterocetera by Lotic on Heterocetera (Tri Angle Records)
  19. I am the Ocean by Lil B on I'm Thraxx
  20. A Walk Down to Chapel (Dub Mix) by Jam City on Earthly Versions (Night Slugs)
  21. Should Have Known Better by Ministry on With Sympath (Arista)
  22. Rentree 3007 by Automelodi on Automelodi (Wierd Records)
  23. Petting Actresses by Actress Pets on Actress Pets (AMDISCS)
  24. Destruction Terror by Three 6 Mafia on The End (Prophet Entertainment)
  25. Fading by Shlomo on Dark Red (True Panther Sounds)