cheetle radio 4.22.16...FFFFF satan crushed my neck


  1. follow me home by the mystery lights on the mystery lights (WICK records)
  2. caroline, no by cosmonaughts on A Tribute To Pet Sounds (Reverberation Appreciation Society)
  3. Know Your Minute by Woods (Trouble in Mind)
  4. another change by pysychic ills on inner journey out (sacred bones)
  5. born to die by king khan & the shrines on idle no more (merge records)
  6. minstel's gallop by holy wave on freaks of nurture (The Reverberation Appreciation Society)
  7. web of man by pet sun on pet sun (the hand recordings)
  8. amy by used cassettes on rock n rills (magic strawberry sound)
  9. i wanna get rid of you by psychotic pineapple
  10. you make me sick by satans rats
  11. the kids just wanna dance by fast cars
  12. electric high by death valley girls
  13. Break
  14. knock, knock, knock by MnMs