The Nodecast episode 14


  1. En Un Portalejo Pobre - Spanish/Mexican Hymn by SAVAE
  2. New Romantic by Andy Stott on too many voices
  3. Raver 5 by D Tiberio on 304
  4. Paint By Numbers by Throwing Snow on Lumen
  5. Lover by Blondes on Blondes
  6. Cannibal Forest by Kathy Dalton
  7. Timothy Shy by Ducktails
  8. Would You Join My Cult? by Yuko Yuko
  9. The Beneath by Hotel Mexico
  10. Flowers (feat. Lovefoxxx) by bEEdEEgEE
  11. To My Right by Prince Innocence
  12. Far by The Soft Moon
  13. Ti nea psipsina by Lean Platonos
  14. The Women that Loves You by Japanese Breakfast on Psychopomp
  15. Black is by The Last Poets
  16. Door to the cosmos by Sun Ra
  17. Tired by Deniro Farrar
  18. Let you by Sully
  19. Depressed Oceans by Black Kray
  20. She Want More (prod. Slug Christ & Purpdogg) by Slug Christ
  21. Ima Read by Zebra Katz
  22. Cash Money by Cindy Lee
  23. Egyptian Lover - I Need A Freak by The Egyptian Lover
  24. Seriois by Skylar Spence
  25. Rock you by Traxman
  26. Rookie card by Meth dad
  27. No romance by Tirzah
  28. Aculpoco by Mike Simonetti – Sam Sparro
  29. Traxman - Lifeeeee Is For Ever by Traxman