Flow Radio: Podcast edition.


  1. When You Loved Me Least by Michl (NA)
  2. One Time by Negumi on NA (NA)
  3. Coffee by Yuna on Decorate EP (NA)
  4. Sly One by Fiya on NA (NA)
  5. The Jungle by Shakka on NA (NA)
  6. Seeds by Wolfie on NA (NA)
  7. Gone Are The Days (SOHN Remix) by HONNE on Gone Are The Days (Tatemae Recordings)
  8. One in a Million (Vasta Remix) by Aliyah on NA (NA)
  9. Timbuktu (Mandeh Edit) by Fatouma Diawara on NA (NA)
  10. Gemini (Gravez Remix) by Telana on NA (NA)
  11. Break
  12. Doo Wop (Podore Remix) by Lauryn Hill on NA (NA)
  13. Yesterday and Today by 9th Wonders and Murs on NA (Atlantic)
  14. Atlas by Yaarroh on Flesh & Blood EP (NA)
  15. Walking On Glass by Dustin Thomas on NA (NA)
  16. Who by Dustin Thomas on NA (NA)
  17. Tumeric Tachytelia by Dustin Thomas on NA (NA)
  18. Philthy Mix by Flow Radio on Bff.fm (Bff.fm)