Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-05-16)

Maaaaan Nested is unbelievably good. There’s 3 free* records on Bandcamp that you need in your life.


  1. Veeland by Zahn | Hatami | McClure on Veerian (Eilean)
  2. The dawn of a new Concordia by nested on Nested 3 (self released)
  3. Kestrel by John Atkinson on Asasin în Lege (Florabelle)
  4. Devil Summoner's Dilemma by Aeon Fux on Devil Summoner's Dilemma (self released)
  5. Lost Travelers by Driftmachine on Colliding Contours (Umor Rex)
  6. Heat Death by Oil Thief on In The Heat (Total Black)
  7. The Air Here Is Written With You by Endless Melancholy on Deep As The Dark Blue Sea (Hidden Vibes)
  8. Porcelain by Dag Rosenqvist on elephant (Dronarivm)
  9. Spirit Fabric by Antwood on Virtuous.scr (Planet Mu)
  10. Gallivant by Bjarni Gunnarsson on Paths (Granny)
  11. Node #1 by Codespira1 on Artefact (Moving Furniture)
  12. all my rifles by Unfollow on blue twenty-one (Blue Tapes)
  13. Sparseness Gave Way to Infinite by Pierce Warnecke on Memory Fragments (Room40)
  14. Nowhere by New Rome on Nowhere (Room40)
  15. Kenshō by Donnacha Costello on Mouvements (Freibank)
  16. But is Not Consumed by Hey Exit on Caudata (self released)
  17. Drink by Lucy on Eat, Drink, Shop, Relax (Samurai Horo)