Warm Focus: Sieves & Funnels


  1. Masollan by Balmorhea
  2. Eclairage by Kimyan Law on Coeur Calme
  3. Finally Moving by Pretty Lights on Taking Up Your Precious Time (Pretty Lights Music)
  4. Sincerely Yours, the D.A.C. by Dirty Art Club
  5. It's All Around You by Tortoise on It's All Around You (Thrilljockey)
  6. Lorge by El Ten Eleven on El Ten Eleven (unk)
  7. Heirloom by Yujen
  8. No Loss by The Range
  9. Only Promises by Blue Sky Black Death
  10. Draw (Dorian Concept Remix) by Cid Rim, Dorian Concept
  11. Hayling (Max Cooper Remix) by FC Kahuna, Hayling
  12. Daybreak by Electric Mantis
  13. Peach & Pomegranate by Seiho
  14. A Glowing Light, a Promise by Makeup and Vanity Set
  15. Feel It All Around by Washed Out
  16. Suite 1 by RJD2
  17. Hold Me (Instrumental) by Milosh
  18. Subsun by Dr. Toast
  19. Cantamilla by Tranquility Bass
  20. Believe In It by michna on thousand thursday (ghostly international)
  21. 9 Lazy 9 by Tumbleweed
  22. Slo by Giraffage
  23. Tokyo Ghost Stories by Arovane
  24. Oom Velt by Salt Cathedral
  25. Candles by Jon Hopkins
  26. Folds by Feverkin, Koresma
  27. Stop Using Logic by Thrupence
  28. Exhausted Machine Island by Joseph Nothing
  29. Tommib by Squarepusher
  30. 1804 by The Range on Potential (Domino)