Extra Toppings 10.24.2014


  1. Cut Self Not by Faraquet on The View From This Tower (Dischord)
  2. The Face Of The Earth by The Dismemberment Plan on Change (DeSoto Records)
  3. Permanent for Now by No Knife on Riot For Romance! (Better Looking Records)
  4. Just Tonight by Jimmy Eat World on Futures (Interscope Records)
  5. Beethoven St by Sunday's Best on The Californian (Polyvinyl Records)
  6. Break
  7. Five Silent Miles by American Football on American Football EP (Polyvinyl Records)
  8. Fake Knees by Dads on I'll Be The Tornado (6131 Records)
  9. Hypnotize by Title Fight on Spring Songs (Revelation Records)
  10. Pastor Of Muppets by Street Smart Cyclist on Demo 2006!
  11. When The Lines Go Down by Q And Not U on Different Damage (Dischord)
  12. Break
  13. Already Lost by Rainer Maria on Catastrophe Keeps Us Together (Grunion Records)
  14. Do You Still Hate Me? by Jawbreaker on 24 Hour Revenge Therapy (Communion Label)
  15. Fakin' It by Everyone Everywhere on Everyone Everywhere/Into It. Over It. (Topshelf Records)
  16. 24 Karats by Dikembe on Mediumship (Tiny Engines)
  17. In Circles by Sunny Day Real Estate on Diary (Sub Pop)
  18. Break
  19. Heavy by Whirr on Sway (Grave Face Records)
  20. Say Hello by So Cow on The Long Con (Goner Records)
  21. Avoider by GRMLN on Soon Away (Carpark Records)
  22. Turn To Never by Wild Moth on Over, Again (Asian Man Records)
  23. Dialectic Of… by Prawn on Kingfisher (Topshelf Records)
  24. Break
  25. Pink Tarantulas by The Blood Brothers on Ambulance Vs. Ambulance (Second Nature Recordings)
  26. Alone in a Room by Code Orange on I Am King (Deathwish Inc.)
  27. Tolerable by Never Young on Master Copy (Father Daughter Records)
  28. Getting Sodas by The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die on Whenever, If Ever (Topshelf Records)
  29. Break
  30. Parking Lot by Mineral on The Power Of Failing (Crank!)
  31. Waking to Winter by Mineral on Endserenading (Crank!)
  32. Settling by Garden Variety on Knocking the Skill Level (Headhunter Records)
  33. Revolutions At Varying Speeds by United Nations on The Next Four Years (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
  34. Riding Bikes by Shellac on Dude Incredible (Touch and Go)
  35. Break
  36. Party To End All Parties by Joyce Manor on Demo
  37. Write It Right by Into It. Over It. on Proper (No Sleep Records)
  38. Honey Pot by Pity Sex on Feast of Love (Run For Cover Records)