Extra Toppings 10.31.2014


  1. Midnight Service At The Mutter Museum by Joyce Manor on JM/BK (Brick Gun Recordings)
  2. I Want A Monster To Be My Friend by The Dead Hensons
  3. Cannibal by Scratch Acid on Scratch Acid (Rabid Cat)
  4. Halloween by Dead Kennedys on Plastic Surgery Disasters (Alternative Tentacles)
  5. Guess Who's Dead by So Cow on The Long Con (Goner Records)
  6. Ghost Mountain by The Unicorns on Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone (Caterpillar Records)
  7. Ghosts by Shellac on 1000 Hurts (Touch and Go Records)
  8. Chewing Ghosts by Dads on I'll Be The Tornado (6131 Records)
  9. Blessed By Your Own Ghost by Elliott on False Cathedrals (Revelation Records)
  10. There Are Ghosts by Karate on 595 (Southern Records)
  11. Break
  12. Devil on My Side by The Anniversary on Your Majesty (Vagrant Records)
  13. Vampire Girl Prefers Me Alive by J Church on The Horror Of Life (No Idea Records)
  14. Bury Me by Girls Names on Dead To Me (Slumberland Records)
  15. Secret Curse by The Dismemberment Plan on Change (DeSoto Records)
  16. Simean Groove by The Folk Implosion on Kids [Original Soundtrack] (London Records)
  17. Pumpkin Eyes by Silver Scooter on (Don't Forget To) Breathe (Crank!)
  18. Village People Of The Damned by IBOPA on Ballads For Benpadrone (Nubby Records)
  19. Spellbound by Siouxsie And The Banshees on Juju (PVC Records)
  20. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) by David Bowie on Scary Monsters (RCA)
  21. Fade to Grey by Visage on Fade to Grey (Polydor)
  22. Media Person/Vampire State Building by The Soft Pink Truth on Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Soft Pink Truth? (Tigerbeat6)
  23. The Changeling by Ink & Dagger on Drive This Seven Inch Wooden Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart (Initial Records)
  24. Flow My Tears The Spider Said by Liars on They Were Wrong So We Drowned (Mute)
  25. Blood Castle by Crooked Bangs on Crooked Bangs (Western Medical Records)
  26. Return of the Fly by The Misfits on Static Age (Caroline Records)
  27. Bear Away by The Murder City Devils on Thelema (Sub Pop)
  28. We Left as Skeletons by pg. 99 on Document #8 (Electric Human Project)
  29. Inhuman Nature by Mohinder on O Nation, You Bleed From Many Wounds, 1896 (Unleaded Records)
  30. Destroy All Monsters by I Hate Myself on Ten Songs (No Idea Records)
  31. Gagged in a Casket by The Blood Brothers on Rumors Laid Waste (Luckyhorse Industries)
  32. Demons Sing Love Songs by Unwound on Leaves Turn Inside You (Kill Rock Stars)
  33. Corrupted Coffin by Thee Oh Sees on Castlemania (In The Red Recordings)
  34. Sing the Scarecrow Song by Joan of Arc on In Rape Fantasy and Terror Sex We Trust (Perishable Records)
  35. Night Prowler by Foster Body on Landscapes
  36. Hell Spawn by Pussy Galore on Right Now! (Caroline Records)
  37. Vampire Girl by Jonathan Richman on You Must Ask The Heart (Rounder Records)