05.21.16 MIT ANNA


  1. The Sunrise by Eddie Fisher
  2. Rough E Nuff by Dred Scott on Breakin' Combs (Tuff Break)
  3. Extract by Atmosfear on Motivation/Extract (MCA Records)
  4. Regyptian Strut by Frank Zappa on Sleep Dirt (DiscReet)
  5. Why Can't We Live Together by Timmy Thomas on We Can't We Live Together (Glades)
  6. Mathar by Dave Pike on Mathar / I'm On My Way (MPS Records)
  7. More Soul Than Soulful by Eddie Harris on Cool Sax, Warm Heart (Columbia)
  8. Who Got Da Props by Black Moon on Enta Da Stage (Wreck Records)
  9. After Hours by Jimmy Smith on Root Down (Verve V-8806)
  10. Perfidia by Phyllis Dillon on One Life To Live (Treasure Isle)
  11. The Harder They Come by Jimmy Cliff on Reggae Greats (Mango Records)
  12. Spank-A-Lee by Herbie Hancock on Flood (Sony)
  13. Get Up by Johnny Fiasco on Conduction (P&D)
  14. It's A Lie by Ernest Wilson on Sentimental Man / It's A Lie (Crab)
  15. One Over The Eight by Soft Machine on Soft (Esoteric Recordings)
  16. Bananas by Weldon Irvine on London Jazz Classics
  17. Reason To Believe by Karen Dalton
  18. Big Schlepp by Dave Pike on Dave Pike (MPS Records)
  19. On the other side of town by Curtis Mayfiled on Curtis (Curtis Mayfield Gospels)
  20. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by The Heptones on Black is black (Blue Note)
  21. Magnolia by J.J.Cale
  22. Strange World by Iron Maiden on Iron Maiden (Harvest Record)
  23. I don't want nobody by Eddie Harris on I need some money (Atlantic Records)