Episode 2: A New Mope

In which Russ actually answers viewers questions, bc viewers is a term used for radio listeners on the internetzzz. RIYL: Where does babies comes from, fashion trap, Hathor, feminism, Partisan x HAIM, wiki leaks, leaks.


  1. blood from stone by knifesex
  2. Follow by Black Heart
  3. wet blunt by 18+ on collect (Houndstooth)
  4. APBWAS Smush Up Mix by Haim x Partisan
  5. Everything is awesome by a place both wonderful and strange
  6. Adamantium Rage by Wolvering
  7. Mass Product by Loyalty XIX on Total Trax (Celica)
  8. Numb by Loyalty XIX
  9. white label by apbwas on white label (white label)
  10. six in the morning by lowjack
  11. shut down by skepta