Episode 5: The One With Frankie Teardrop

I'm on hiatus for a couple of weeks to get married, so I'm handing the reigns over to some special guests. This week, the start of which was fucking awful, I'm turning it over to Frankie Teardrop for a fittingly bleak, dour, emotional mix.


  1. Automne 1941 by Les Joyeaux De La Princesse on Aux Petits Enfants De France (Tesco Organisation)
  2. Autumn Rain by This Ascension on Light and Shade (Tess Records)
  3. Voices To Rivers by Cassell Webb on Llano (Statik)
  4. The Christ is Near by Popol Vuh on Agape-Agape Love-Love (SPV)
  5. Lava by An April March on Instruments of Lust and Fury (Bedazzled)
  6. Haze by Here on Swirl (Indies)
  7. Звуки на заре by Альянс on НРГ / Альянс (Мелодия)
  8. Here Comes Everybody by The Wake on Here Comes Everybody (Factory)
  9. Another Pond by Not Drowning, Waving on Another Pond (Rampant Releases)
  10. Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britton by Arvo Pärt on Tabula Rasa (ECM New Series)
  11. Stone is Very, Very Cold by Priscilla Paris on Priscilla Sings Herself (York)
  12. Finally I by Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook on Sleeps With the Fishes (4AD)
  13. The Stagnant Pool by Felt on The Splendour of Fear (Cherry Red)