Notes From The Underground 8 Rebroadcast


  1. Morning by True Mutants on By Any Means (Thrillhouse)
  2. Big Black Boots by Replica on Replica (Prank)
  3. Quit Your Job by Snob on Snob (S/R)
  4. Nothing Much And Everything by NADIE on Demo (S/R)
  5. My Mess by Spits on The Spits V (In The Red)
  6. My Family by Jay Reatard on Blood Visions (In The Red)
  7. Natural by As Ondas on Natural (S/R)
  8. Swan Dive by Waxahatchee on Cerulean Salt (Don Giovanni)
  9. Skewed by Chester Endersby Gwazda on Shroud (Upset the Rythm)
  10. Riding by Garden Centre on Riding (Faux Discx)
  11. For Your Money by Shopping on Consumer Complaints (FatCat)
  12. Temptation by New Order on Substance 1987 (Factory)
  13. Son of Sam by Twin Steps on Plauge Songs (1-2-3-4 Go!)
  14. Slick Chick by Vernon Harrel on Slick Chick (Calla)
  15. I Wonder Why by Ambassadors on I Wonder Why (Arctic)
  16. Lonesome Shack by Ernie Washington on Lonesome Shack (Chattahoochee)
  17. Temporary One by Fleetwood Mac on The Dance (Reprise)
  18. I Am A Cliche by X-Ray Spex on Germfree Adolescents (EMI)
  19. I'm For Them by Quaadules on Nothing New (Thrillhouse)
  20. Ain't You by Kleenex on Ain't You (Rough Trade)
  21. Die Matrosen by Liliput on Post Punk Vol. 1 (Rough Trade)
  22. X Plus X by No Babies on Yo No Soy Como Tu (Upset the Rythm)
  23. Shelf Life by Black Fork on S/T (Lookout)
  24. I Wanna Live With The Alients by Bad Nerves on Alienate (S/R)
  25. Alle Taler by Lost Kids on Cola Freaks (Medley)
  26. Hexagon by Rixe on Les Nerfs A Vif (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  27. No Means No by Alice Bag on S/T (Dangerhouse)
  28. Shame by Young Fathers on White Men Are Black Men Too (Big Data)
  29. Ask by Smiths on Louder Than Bombs (Warner Bros.)
  30. Romance, Commodity by Conditioner on Suggested Use (S/R)
  31. Content by Foster Body on Moving Display (S/R)
  32. Radiation Risks by Acid Fantasy # 1 on Demo (S/R)
  33. I Don't Know by Dog Chocolate on Snack Fans (Upset the Rythm)
  34. Paranoid by Masses on Moloch (Lost In Fog)
  35. Cussin by Spray Paint on Cussin (Goner)
  36. European Son by Velvet Undergound on S/T (Polydor)