Notes From The Underground 13


  1. Slurry by Apostille on Powerless (Night School)
  2. Delayed by Anxiety on S/T (Night School)
  3. Total Instituition by Sarcasm on Total Institution (Far So Far)
  4. Shame by Acrylics on S/T (Discontinuous Innovation)
  5. Tech Kudzu by Beekeepers on Demo (S/R)
  6. Der Urknall Das Universum by PUFF! on S/T (Slovenly)
  7. The Girl Is Mine by Kremlyn on Non Plus Ultra 1980 - 1989 (Domestica)
  8. Grey Skies by Turquoise Days on Grey Skies (Minimal Wave)
  9. She's Into Clubs by Momentform on S/T (WT)
  10. accidentsss by Matt Riviere on Terrible Trouble (Brainlove)
  11. Vibe by Holly Waxwing on Vibe (Cascine)
  12. What Cost by Grubs on It Must Be Grubs (Tuff Enuff)
  13. Sadness by Trust Fund on No One's Coming For Us (Reeks of Effort/Turnstile)
  14. Ever Outward by Primitive Parts on Parts Primitive (Trouble In Mind)
  15. Oh, What A Day by Dells on S/T (Vee Jay)
  16. Good Woman by Barbara Lynn on Good Woman (Jamie)
  17. The Queen by Big Ella on The Queen (S/R)
  18. Leeching Out by Wet Spots on S/T (S/R)
  19. Yesterday's News by Huff Stuff Magazine on S/T (Sugar Moutain)
  20. Nothing To Show by Ringers on Detention Halls (Yo-Yo)
  21. Tabula Rasa by Neon Piss on S/T (Deranged)
  22. My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg) by Ramones on Animal Boy (Sire)
  23. Insanity by Bartok on Insanity (On Record)
  24. Moskow by Heat House on Heat House (Rygel)
  25. Shrinking Lines by Silent Era on S/T (Square One Again)
  26. Sylvia by MOLAR on MOLAR / Pale Kids Split (Everything Sucks)
  27. Pervert In Society by Mystic Inane on Ode To Joy (S/R)
  28. She's Onto You by JJ Doll on Demo (S/R)
  29. Never Learned German by Border on Demo (Far So Far)
  30. Put Down by Gloss Rejection on Light Reflex (Unwork)
  31. Punk Man by Predator on Punk Man (Killed By Death)
  32. Smokescreen by Desperate Bicycles on Smokescreen (Refill)
  33. Contact by Liquid Overdose on Contact (Scanner)