1. Sob Story by Nikki Sudden & Rowland S. Howard on Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc (Creation Records)
  2. Christine by Siouxsie and the Banshees on Kaleidoscope (Polydor)
  3. Disgusting by The Mad on Fried Egg (Disgusting)
  4. Put Your Hands Through the Plastic by The Dark on Scream Until We Die (Grand Theft Audio)
  5. Attention by The State on No Illusions (Statement Records)
  6. Otogoki by Nightmare on Nightmare (Selfish Records)
  7. No More No by Kuro on Who the Helpless (Blue Jug)
  8. Arch-Foe by Ivy on Ivy (Katorga Works)
  9. Night Worship by Balaclavas on Roman Holiday (Dull Knife)
  10. I See You by Dark Times on Be Cool (Sheep Chase Records)
  11. Astray by Siamese Twins on Still Corner (Eunuch Records)
  12. Airline by Automelodi on Automelodi (Wierd Records)
  13. Sentinelle by Xeno & Oaklander on Sentielle (Wierd Records)
  14. Brave New World by The Cultural Decay on The Cultural Decay (Sexy Robot)
  15. Black Mass by Part 1 on Pictures of Pain (Pusmort)
  16. Scars by Danse Macabre on Danse Macabre (Megagrave Records)
  17. Eyes (Second Death) by Voodoo Church on Voodoo Church (Strobelight Records)
  18. Between the Lines by Danse Macabre on Danse Macabre (Reaction Records)
  19. Bag of Rats by BnP on Welcome to Mediocrity (Self-released)
  20. Bat by Lumpy and the Dumpers (Total Punk)
  21. RIP by Alien Sex Fiend on Who's Been Sleeping In My Brain? (Relativity Records)
  22. Human Pigeon by Clockcleaner on Babylon Rules (Load)
  23. Unhinged Face by The Phantom Limbs on Applied Ignorance (Alternative Tentacles)
  24. Big Zit by Big Zit on Big Zit (Not Normal Tapes)
  25. Roles by Blood and Roses on Enough is Never Enough (Audiodrome Records)
  26. Fat Vigilante by Ausgang on Manipulate (FM Records)
  27. Thousand Clouds by Soror Dolorosa on Severance (Todestrieb Records)
  28. Repulsion by 1919 on 1919 (Red Rhino Records)
  29. Satan's Stomp by The Flesh Eaters on A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die (Superior Viaduct)
  30. Romeo's Distress by Christian Death on Only Theater of Pain (Frontier Records)
  31. Field and Border by Voice Coils (Shatter Your Leaves)
  32. Big Angry by Ooze on Ooze (Not Normal Tapes)
  33. You're Not The Only One I Know by The Sundays on Reading, Writing & Arithmetic (Rough Trade)
  34. Take Me Down by Slowdive on Demos #3
  35. Kangaroo by This Mortal Coil on It'll End In Tears (4AD)
  36. The Paths of Perfection by Cro-Mags on Alpha-Omega (Century Media)