Melters 110714


  1. Creepy Eyed Girls by Swiftumz on Everybody Loves Chris (Melters)
  2. Hallucinating by Fuckboyz on Fuckboyz demo (self-released)
  3. Bored Teenagers by The Adverts on Crossing the Red Sea with the Adverts (Bright)
  4. Decadence by Nots on We Are Nots (Goner Records)
  5. Grease Trap by King Tears Mortuary on Asleep at the Wheel of Fortune (Vacant Valley)
  6. Eight Miles High by The Index on The Index (Valord Records)
  7. These Frayed Edges by The Danse Society on Seduction: The Society Collection (Society Records)
  8. Your Turn to Run by Malaria! on Compiled (Moabit Music)
  9. Time by Play Dead on The First Flower (Jungle Records)
  10. It's No Crime by Vex on Sanctuary (Fight Back Records)
  11. Talk About The Weather by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry on Talk About The Weather (Red Rhino Records)
  12. DNA by Low Life on Dogging (Disinfect/RIP Society)
  13. Ghoul Breath by Lumpy and the Dumpers (Total Punk)
  14. Slushy by Prime Time (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  15. Anti-Septic by Kremlin on Will You Feed Me? (Grave Mistake)
  16. The Facts by Blood Pressure on Blood Pressure (Beach Impediment)
  17. This Never Happened by Wetbrain on Demo 2012 (Self-Released)
  18. Live and Try by Face The Rail on Learning to Die (Katorga Works)
  19. Athlete Cured by The Fall on The Frenz Experiment (Beggars Banquet)
  20. (Are You Happy) by Reagan Youth on Volume 1 (New Red Archives)
  21. I Can't Hang by Ovens on Triple LP (Tumult)
  22. Break
  23. Rock n Roll Outlaw by Rose Tattoo on Rose Tattoo (Albert Productions)
  24. Bomber by Girlschool on St. Valentine's Day Massacre (Bronze)
  25. Black Water by The Execute on Hardcore Temptation (DOA Records)
  26. Grey to Black by Double O on Double O (Dischord)
  27. What's The Difference by Dow Jones and The Industrials on Hoosier Hysteria (Gulcher Records)
  28. My Cherry is in Sherry by Ludus on The Visit/The Seduction (LTM)
  29. Secretive by Drunk Elk on Drunk Elk (self-released)
  30. And I Thought by Martial Canterel on Gyors, Lassú (Dais Records)
  31. Destroy The Heart by The House of Love (Creation)
  32. The Letter by The Pretty Things on Parachute (Rare Earth)
  33. Balloon Song by 14 Iced Bears (Slumberland Records)
  34. Double White Denim by Good Throb on Fuck Off (Sabermetric/White Denim/Superfi)
  35. Desesperacion by Qloaqa Letal on Nunca, Siempre (Metadona)
  36. Supplication Rites by Sucked Dry on Dog Children (Not Normal Tapes/Muck Raker)
  37. Some Velvet Morning by Slowdive on Souvlaki (Creation Records)
  38. Hot Burrito #2 by The Flying Burrito Brothers on The Gilded Palace of Sin (A&M Records)
  39. The Sleepwalker by This Kind of Punishment on A Beard of Bees (Flying Nun)