Radioculars 16//18


  1. Comin' Fulfilled by Casey Burge on Perfectly Toasted, Vol. 1. (Golden Brown)
  2. Duh by Afterbloom
  3. VHS by Mumblr on The Never Ending Get Down (Fleeting Youth)
  4. Old Lullabies by Photo Op on Vacation (self-released)
  5. Moonlight by S U R F I N G (100% Electronica)
  6. Tell Me by Adam Payne on Famous Blondes (Selection Records)
  7. Anyone Else by Few Bits on Big Sparks (PIAS)
  8. Radius by Hater on Radius EP (PNKSLM)
  9. Great Pile of Nothing by Mozes and the Firstborn on Great Pile of Nothing (Burger Records)
  10. New York New Dog by Sure Sure
  11. A Real Living Girl by The Regrettes
  12. Cool 2 by Hoops on Hoops (Fat Possum)
  13. How It Feels by Masosolo (Antiphonics)
  14. Hotter Than Hott by Selector Dub Narcotic on This Party Is Just Getting Started (K Records)
  15. Coo Coo by Weaves on Weaves (Kanine)
  16. I Live For the Sun by Tacocat (Hardly Art)
  17. Radio Girl by Pi Ja Ma on Radio Girl (Bleepmachine)
  18. Perfume Ghost by Kim Gray on Perfume (Lolipop Records)
  19. Forgetting Everything by Pink Mexico on fool (Burger Records)
  20. Bye Bye Baby by Hot Flash Heat Wave on OIM Vol III (OIM Records)
  21. Best Friend by White Mystery on Outta Control (Greenway Records)
  22. New Bag by Rich Girls on Love is the Dealer EP (Breakup Records)
  23. Slime Time Live by Ian Sweet on Shapeshifter (Hardly Art Records)
  24. College Music by Gap Dream on This is Gap Dream (Burger Records)
  25. Ageless by Tourism Dollars
  26. You Stole My Blackout by Palm Honey
  27. Rope by Castlebeat (self-released)
  28. Muted Colors by Wallet Chain
  29. Not Again by Ratboys on Not Again (Topshelf Records)
  30. As Long As We're Together by The Lemon Twigs
  31. I'm Without by Wax Witches on Memory Painting (Burger Records)