cheetle radio 10.31


  1. Jam at the Mortuary by Griz Green on NA (NA)
  2. Graveyard Cha Cha by The Three D's on NA (NA)
  3. Vampire Sushi by Old Time Relijun on Witchcraft Rebellion (K)
  4. Two Souls by The Grim Reepers on NA (NA)
  5. trick or treat by 4 flops on NA (NA)
  6. Wombat Twist by Glenn & Christy on NA (NA)
  7. Break
  8. Zombie Walk by Magics on NA (NA)
  9. That Halloween Night by Denis & The Duble Dates on NA (NA)
  10. Break
  11. The Ghoul in School by The Fortunes on NA (NA)
  12. Werewolf by The Frantics on NA (N)
  13. Rat House by Shannon and the Clams on Dreams in the Rat House (NA)
  14. Dahmer Blues by Cumstain on NA (N)
  15. Haunted House by Christmas Island on Poisoner LP
  16. Witch Girl by The Mystrys on NA (N)
  17. Casting My Spell by The Spellbinders on NA (NA)
  18. Si Un Jour by Le Femme on NA (NA)
  19. Bat Man by Death Hymn Number 9 on NA (NA)
  20. Damned by The Underground Youth on NA (NA)
  21. Brats by Liars on NA (NA)
  22. Out in the Night by Useless Eaters on NA (NA)
  23. I Put A Spell On You by Screaming Jay Hawkins on Blood And Donuts Soundtrack
  24. I'm Chief Kamanawanalea by The Turtles on NA (NA)
  25. 5-10 15-20 by Link Wray on NA (NA)
  26. Hey Monstruo by Los Monstruos on NA (NA)
  27. The Boogie Man by The Cadillacs on NA (NA)
  28. She Made My Blood Run Cold by Ike Turner on NA (NA)
  29. The Shadow Knows by Link Wray on NA (NA)
  30. Children of the Grave by Black Sabbath on NA (NA)
  31. Halloween by Misfits on NA (NA)
  32. I like it in the dark by crocodiles on NA (NA)
  33. Break
  34. Frankenstein's Party by Swingin' Phillies on NA (N)