Jul 2


  1. The Dirt by The Last Names on Wilderness (Justin Rice)
  2. Beach Side by Arbes on Swimmer (Sports Day Records)
  3. Fog by Mason Proper on Olly Oxen Free (Dovecoat)
  4. Psyche's Dagger by Fly Golden Eagle on Swagger (Black Tooth)
  5. Here He Comes by Brian Eno on Before And After Science (Virgin)
  6. Fishin With John by Sol Cat on Sol Cat (Self Released)
  7. Hacienda Motel by Pickwick on Can't Talk Medicine (Dine Alone)
  8. Killin The Vibe by Ducktails on Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics (Woodist)
  9. Beautiful Abyss by The Heart Strings on Beautiful Abyss (Grandpa Stan)
  10. Machine Maker by Future Elevators on Future Elevators (Communicating Vessels)
  11. Like a Child by Oketo on Oketo (Self Released)
  12. South by Hippo Campus (Grand Jury)
  13. Seven by Rainbow Kitten Surprise on Seven + Mary (Self Released)
  14. Bluebell, Cockleshell, 123 by King Creosote on From Scotland With Love (Domino)
  15. What's It Like There, Tomorrow? by Zach Schimpf on What's It Like There, Tomorrow? (Self Released)
  16. Last Year's Disco Guitars by Bishop Morocco on Bishop Morocco (Hand Drawn Dracula)