The Nodecast Episode 25


  1. Love's Refrain by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on In Summer
  2. Teenage Years by Sui Zhen on Secretly Susan (Remote Control)
  3. Land by Hidden Spheres on Well Well (Rhythm Section International)
  4. Pizza Man by Average Rap Band on El Sol
  5. Donny on the River by LNRDCROY (firecracker recordings)
  6. Esprit.Wav by ESPRIT 空想 on Virtua.Zip (ESPRIT 空想)
  7. Lovers Are Losers by Molly Nilsson on Zenith (dark skies association)
  8. Lovers (Gangplans Zouma Beach Remix) by Gangplans & Brett on Sea-Sides (chill mega chill)
  9. Pet Shop Boys by Yoo-Yoo (Sony Sweden)
  10. Witness (featuring Lil B) by Clams Casino on 32 Levels
  11. Mjolnir by Mistress on Hollygrove
  12. Simmer by Inkke on Secret Palace
  13. Mtulazaji by Saafron on Reishi
  14. Right Beside You by Conga Radio on Right Beside You
  15. How Long Is Forever (Sinden Remix) by Oxblood on How Long is Forever – EP (Gold River)
  16. Cellophane (So Cruel) [feat. Aaron Miller & Gavin Turek] [Syre Remix] by Miami Horror (haven sounds/dine alone)
  17. City of Gods by TIMANTI on City of Gods Ep (templr)
  18. Glomde (feat. Tyra) by Nandu (OFF recordings)
  19. Lotus by Laurence Guy on Bamboo EP (Church)
  20. Blatant Doug by Complete Walkthru on Complete Walkthru (1080p)
  21. Muggy Detroit Heat by Omar-S
  22. It's Over by DJ T-Rell on Where It Started
  23. Stateless by Imre Kiss on Overthrown (Visit
  24. Costa Blanca by Edyth on Água Verde – EP (Fake music)
  25. Closer by Project Pablo on Beaubian Dream (SOBO)
  26. Dresden by Qnete on Lessons in Finding (Visit