November's Best New Underground Music

Cosmic Amanda snatches up some of the best recent and soon-to-be releases in the world of underground music and tosses 'em your way.


  1. CB160 by Christian Bland & the Revelators on The Unseen Green Obscene (Reverberation Appreciation Society)
  2. Break
  3. Loner by Volage on Heart Healing (Howlin Banana Records)
  4. Promises by Travis Bretzer on Promises (single) (Mexican Summer)
  5. I Will by Mitski on Bury Me At Make Out Creek (Double Double Whammy)
  6. Oh Stampe, Oh Stella by The Honeydrips on Oh Stampe, Oh Stella (single) (Luxury)
  7. Puberty by PRO TEENS on makeshift EP
  8. Moonlight by Hanni El Khatib on Moonlight (Innovative Leisure)
  9. Reactor by Nots on We Are Nots (Goner Records)
  10. Break
  11. Rain by Woolen Men on Rain Shapes EP (Loglady Records)
  12. Disorder by Meatbodies on Meatbodies (In The red Records)
  13. Cry On the Floor by Anti Pony (PNKSLM)
  14. Shone by Body Cheetah on Raking the Wind (Woozy Tribe)
  15. Forgive (ft. Greta Kline) by Porches (Terrible Records)
  16. Shithole by Weaves on Shithole (single) (Buzz Records)
  17. Now I Understand by The Proper Ornaments on Wooden Head (Slumberland)
  18. ETV/Clown Prince/The Journalist by Rangers on Reconsider Lounge (NOT NOT FUN)
  19. Surviving October by Petite League
  20. Animal Ratio by Celestial Shore on Enter Ghost (Hometapes)
  21. Silver Gold by Mourn on Mourn (Captured Tracks)
  22. Continental Shelf by Viet Cong on Viet Cong (Jagjaguwar)
  23. Dad's Not Home by The Memories on Demos (Burger Records)
  24. Want by The Felines on The Felines (Burger Records)
  25. You Devil You by Michael Rey and the Woebegones on You Devil You (Burger Records)
  26. Si Un Jour by Le Femme on Psycho Tropical Berlin (Burger Records)
  27. Making Breakfast by Twin Peaks (Burger Records)
  28. Stoners by Pablo Il Postino
  29. Dream Baby Dream by Black Tambourine (Slumberland Records)
  30. Taste Me by Neighbour
  31. Artichoke by Dan Casey