1. Good Luck With That by Trust Punks on Double Bind (Wharf Cat)
  2. True Zero by Zero Zero on AM Gold (Jade Tree)
  3. Time Machine by Darwin Deez on Double Down (Lucky Number)
  4. Plane by Omni on Deluxe (Trouble In Mind)
  5. Placebo by Pitchfork on Eucalyptus (Swami)
  6. Witchcraft by Meat Wave on Delusion Moon (SideOneDummy)
  7. Big Deal Party by Jackal Onasis on Big Deal Party (Exploding In Sound)
  8. Storyteller by Mourn on Ha, Ha, He. (Captured Tracks)
  9. World Building by Yeesh on Confirmation Bias (Tiny Engines)
  10. Dynamite Chair by Poster Children on Tool of the Man (Sire)
  11. Never Again by Thin Lips on Riff Hard (Lame-O)
  12. Hoarder House by Dogbreth on Second Home (Asian Man)
  13. The Scoffer's Reply by The Karl Hendricks Trio on A Gesture Of Kindness (Fiasco)
  14. Show Up To Leave by Attic Abasement on Dream News (Father/Daughter)
  15. Hosono by Soft Cough on Soft Cough (Self-released)
  16. Happy Already by Sportsguitar on Happy Already (Matador)
  17. Genetic Cousins by Sleepies on Natural Selection (Mirror Universe Tapes)
  18. Shikaakwa by Cave on Threace (Drag City)
  19. Vision by Chui Wan on Chui Wan (Maybe Mars)
  20. Destroy The Tabernacle! by TTNG on Disappointment Island (Sargent House)
  21. The Licensee by Channels on Waiting for the Next End of the World (Dischord)
  22. Real Maths/Too Much by The Gotobeds on Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic (Sub Pop)
  23. Teenage Suicide by Unrest on Isabel Bishop EP (4AD)
  24. Leaving Parties Early by Happy Accidents on You Might Be Right (Alcopop!)
  25. Counting The Days by Audacity on Hyper Vessels (Suicide Squeeze)
  26. Carte Blanche by Clearance on Catalogue Nos. (Unsatisfied)
  27. Second Fiddle by Ditch Croaker on Shortwave (Symbiotic)
  28. Own Your Own Home by The Places on The Autopilot Knows You Well (Absolutely Kosher)
  29. Dry Food by Palehound on Dry Food (Exploding In Sound)
  30. The Story Of One Party by Retsin on Sweet Luck Of Amaryllis (Carrot Top)
  31. Angel Hair by Eerie Wanda on Hum (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
  32. Pain by LVL UP on Return To Love (Sub Pop)