Downtime #3


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  1. Subotnick by Caribou on Milk of Human Kindness (The Leaf Label) $ Buy
  2. My Mothers Delight by Larry T and The Family (-) $ Buy
  3. Charlie's Theme by The Jimi Entley Sound (-) $ Buy
  4. rownmywai by Knxledge on HexualSealings.prt.7 (self released) $ Buy
  5. Glen Close by Binary Star on Masters of the Universe (Subterraneous Records) $ Buy
  6. This One ft. Busta Rhymes by Diamond D (-) $ Buy
  7. Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop by Diamond D & the Psychotic Neurotics on Diamond D & the Psychotic Neurotics (-) $ Buy
  8. Infinite by Different Sleep on Infinite (Self Released ) $ Buy
  9. I'm Into This by Homework on Hudson Square EP (Exploited) $ Buy
  10. Dougie Vision (Cali Swag District x Toro y Moi) by The Hood Internet on The Mixtape Volume 5 (-) $ Buy
  11. Lovely Allen by Holy Fuck on LP (Young Turks) $ Buy
  12. OEA feat. Kerry Latham by Lapalux on Nostalchic (Brain feeder) $ Buy
  13. Crosswords by Panda Bear on Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper (Domino Records) $ Buy
  14. Too Good by Drake on Views (Young Money Enterainment/ Cash Money Records) $ Buy
  15. Sittin' In My Car by Slick Rick on Behind Bars (Def Jam Records) $ Buy
  16. LoveYou by SIR on Seven Sundays (-) $ Buy
  17. SOTM by Teebs on E S T A R A (Brain feeder) $ Buy
  18. Places by Shlohmo on Bad Vibes (Friends of Friends) $ Buy
  19. Krusty by Papa M on Whatever Mortal (Drag City ) $ Buy
  20. In The Morning by The Mighty Marvelos on The Mighty Marvelos (ABC Records) $ Buy
  21. I'm So Confused by The Mighty Marvelows on The Mighty Marvelows (ABC Records) $ Buy
  22. Where Is The Love by Glen Miller (Stag) $ Buy
  23. Little Darlin' by The Gladiolas (Excello ) $ Buy
  24. Girl! You Better Change by Sag War Fare (Libra Records) $ Buy
  25. Open Your Eyes by Bobby Caldwell on Cat In The Hat (Clouds) $ Buy
  26. The Light (Live) by Common (-) $ Buy
  27. Vibrationz by Javelin on No Mas (Lukas Bop ) $ Buy
  28. Better All The Time by Scene Creamers on I Suck On That Emotion (Drag City) $ Buy
  29. Say What You Want by White Denim on Fits (Full Time Hobby) $ Buy
  30. A Song for the Dead by Queens of the Stone Age on Songs for the Deaf (Interscope) $ Buy
  31. Hey Lover by Blake Mills on Break Mirrors (Record Collection) $ Buy
  32. Shift (alternate version) by Grizzly Bear on FRIEND EP (Warp Records) $ Buy