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Pro Fans Radio first played A Love That's True at 9:36pm on Monday 22nd Dec, 2014.


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  • w/ Guest
    • Brycon

    Local producer and DJ Brycon sits at ES talking about his latest and upcoming releases, collaborations and projects. Episode #304

    Espresso Sesh S7 E20 120 mins

  • Content Warning: this episode has heavy mentions of death, addiction, religion, and poverty. It is somewhat of a grieving space, listen at your own discretion. Today…

    TNN S2 E3

  • House of Love 120 mins

  • Today I'm going to play some of the records I keep bringing down and not playing. Also going to play a few Lee Perry Productions.

    Proper Morning 120 mins

  • Hauled some more records down here today, some old ones I unpacked and some new ones I just bought.

    Proper Morning 120 mins

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