cheetle radio 7.29.16...cheetles with cheetos


  1. Raw Dealings by Slowcoaches on Tourists EP
  2. Rock & Roll Friend by Patsy's Rats on Patsy's Rats (La Ti Da Records)
  3. Waste Away by Swiftumz on Everybody Loves Chris
  4. Copy Cat by Gymshorts on Wet Willy!! (Burger Records)
  5. petrified by straight arrows
  6. postcard radio by FROTH on bleak (burger)
  7. web by thee oh sees (castle face)
  8. i'm a dildo by no parents on may the thirst be with you
  9. Bitched by Feels on Live! at Gauchos (Lolipop Records)
  10. suckcess by michael rault on living daylight (burger)
  11. girls by royal suns on you dont wanna know (wiener records)
  12. no matter where you go by whitney on light upon the lake (secretly canadian)
  13. i can't help you by cate le bon on mug museum (wichita recordings)
  14. sharkbait by the lemons on hey, we're the lemons
  15. black telephone by sarah bethe nelson on fast moving clouds (burger)
  16. dont talk to me by the side eyes (in the red records)